About Us

The History – Better than the Original

When we started to make the website, we found it difficult to figure out what our focus would be. Eventually, after many conversations, it became apparent to us that our website was going to be about our culture. The culture that we have inherited from our parents and the the cultural practices we have acquired.

The Name – Better than the Original

We believe that the title of our site, Better than the Original is more than a title. It is a way of thinking. It is something that should always be in our focus. For some, it might be the an internal goal, for others it might be the drive to change world around them. Whatever the motivation, we hope you all strive to be Better than the Original.

Better than the Original bloggers


I enjoy writing, research and being challenged to learn new things. I am specifically interested in topics related to music and culture. I DJ, Produce music and collect music.


I love music – especially Hip Hop. My first memories of hip hop are listening to the LL Cool J Bigger and Deffer (BAD) cassette, which my brother brought back from New York. I still remember hearing the tape for the first time! And of course my favorite song was and still is, I need Love. I also keep up-to-date with what’s new in music. I am also into fitness and weight training.

How to support our site…

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