Weather Report – Mental Health Initiatives

Weather Report

Weather Report, was a  Jazz/Rock/Funk fusion band that played from 1970’s to early  1980’s. Like many groups from this eras, elements of their music are still around in our current music – especially rap – because of the art of sampling music. Weather Report’s music has been sampled by groups such as:
  1. Gang Starr
  2. Pharsyde
  3. Tribe Called Quest
  4. Chubb Rock
  5. DJ Jazzy Jeff

Mental Health Initiatives

January 25th is Mental Health Awareness Day in Canada (Every time you talk, text and join in on social media on January 25, Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives). Below I will explain how the group Weather Report and mental health have a close connection.
After reading a Blog from MUSICAL ENTHUSIAST, I was interested/shocked/saddened, to learn about the tragic death, of one of Weather Report’s band members – Jaco Pastorius. Jaco was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and like many young men, he went untreated which led to self-medication and his premature death.
One night in 1987, Jaco got drunk and tried to get into a club, but was refused entry. He got very upset with the decision and decided to kick in the glass door to the club. The bouncer responded by beating him, which then led to a coma and then his death – at the age of 35.
What makes this incident so unfortunate, is that it could probably have been prevented. His behavior on this day, was not an isolated incident of unruly behavior – likely it was a trend. Perhaps if there was proper and effective support, then maybe this tragic event would not have happened.
 Better than the Original - BttO

Personal Experience with Mental Illness

I have and continue to have a personal experience with mental illness and I have seen how it can effect family dynamics. Not only is it hard for the person that is suffering with a mental illness, the family now needs a group of professional such a psychiatrist, family doctor and community organization to help adjust to new situation. But I have also seen the positive outcomes, when everyone has adjusted and adapted, which in turn has created a pleasant and fulfilling life for all party involved. If you know of anyone dealing with mental health issues, you need to stand with and look for the appropriate help. The Canadian Metal Health Association is a great start.

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3 thoughts on “Weather Report – Mental Health Initiatives

    1. Hi Jim sorry about that typo!

      I am still getting acquainted with word press – seems as though I make corrections to thing and it doesn’t save or takes out word etc…most likely user error.
      The Jaco story is quite sad. I looked up a few of the Weather Report songs and found that they where sampled quite a bit. They do have some good tunes!


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