Natural Curly Hair Care – Frizé Frizé

Please visit our other website – Frizé Frizé,  for all you natural curly hair care products.


About Frizé Frizé

Our journey started in Ottawa, Canada in 2014, when we decided to form Frizé Frizé.

Since starting the company, our lives have all changed in many ways. There have been many experiences, which have shaped us as a company and helped us to understand how running a business works.

Since we started the company, our goal has been to offer quality Natural Curly Hair Care products, that we believe are effective, for managing and maintaining curly hair.

We have also focused on creating Blogs, which we use to pass on quality information to our consumers. Our goal, is to always present the best advice, so we can become a resource that our customers can rely on for all their beauty needs.

Over the years we have seen consistent growth in product sales and website traffic. As we move into the future, we want to continue this growth and reach the new goals that we have set for the company.

We do hope that you will join us, as we move forward in our in journey!

Remember to always keep a twist in your life!


How to support our Website…

We are affiliate marketers for Amazon. So, if you are buying anything online from Amazon, please use our Amazon link. This way, we recieve a commission from the sale. We thank-you for your continued support!

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