Thank-you for the connection!

Thank-you to the WordPress community for your support!

We would like to thank everyone from the WordPress community that has connected with us so far. We have put together a list below of the websites and do hope that you get a chance to check – out their work. Please click on a link to be directed to the site.

  1. MUSIC ENTHUSIAST – At the intersection of rock, blues, R&B, jazz, pop,and soul.
  2. Music Of Our Heart –  All about music
  3. 2 loud 2 old music – This is a blog about music… Music they like!
  4. Middle Me – MiddleMe is about you and the 9 hours you spend on your job each day.
  5. Travels with my Art – Ali Dunnell is an artist, photographer and teacher who travels the world recording images of people and life in sketchbooks, canvases and online.

Special thanks to GTA for the support!

Ghetto Blaster - Better than the Original - BttO

How to support our Website…

We are affiliate marketers for Amazon. So, if you are buying anything online from Amazon, please use our Amazon link. This way, we recieve a commission from the sale. We thank-you for your continued support!


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