Home studio – what you need to make beats

Making Beats at home

Starting a home studio? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

What you need

  1. Computer: I like the Macbook Air, because it is small, portable and has more than enough power to give you what you need. However, most laptops today should have what is needed to run the music software. But before you buy always do a bit of research to make sure that everything is compatable.
  2. External hard drive: This is very important for backing up all your work and for storing all your sounds and plugins. If you can its a great idea to get a few External Hard Drives so you can back up everything a couple of times – you just never know what might happen.
  3. Ableton Live 9: This software is very good. It is well supported on line, with many great tutorials. It also has a feature, where you can sync one of your beats to a video. The clip below is an example of this. I used a beat I made and sync’d it to a video I found on the internet. Ableton is also quite easy to use once you understand the layout and know what button does what.https://dailymotion.com/video/x59mewv
  4. Free Plugins and Instruments: there are so many free plugins available for Ableton! You can download free midi pattern, sounds, beats, instruments etc.
  5. Paid Instruments and FX: If you do buy Virtual Synthesizers and FX plugins, I would recommend you check out the Waves Bundles and the Steve Papen instruments and effects. However if you are starting out, Ableton has plenty of everything that you need to make good music.
  6. Midi Controller: If you are looking for a something to control the midi signals, you can start with Akai MPK mini mkII.  This is a good entry level device to get you started or until you want to try something else. But know that you can also link up Ableton to any midi device – such as Novation Launch pad, a Behringer products – basically anything that sends midi signals can be used. The possibilities are endless on how you want to link up your midi controller. But remember you don’t have to get a Midi controller, because you can control everything with your keyboard and mouse.
  7. Monitor Speakers: if you want to get a ‘flat’ should then you would want to invest in Monitor speakers. These are good for music production because it does not colour the sound – which home speakers will do. This will help you to create a consistent sound with your productions. If your music sounds good on these speakers it should sound good on most speakers. However, once again if you are starting out, I would perhaps wait until you learn all the software first before you start to buy to many expensive things.
  8. Books and Articles: these are key to helping you out. There is a lot of good advice out there so look around and find out who is able to help you perfect your craft.ableton-2

These are the Links:

  1. Dubspot – youtube tutorials.
  2. Point Blank Music School – youtube tutorials.
  3. Sonic Academy – youtube tutorials.

Below is a beat I made in Ableton. It is called Ninja Clash…please enjoy!

e” /]

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